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Bundesliga Stats & Betting Guide


In this guide we will be taking a look at german football and how we assess the form from this league. To get more football form pointers and the tools you need please visit our dedicated football form guide. Bundesliga […]

In this guide we will be taking a look at german football and how we assess the form from this league.

To get more football form pointers and the tools you need please visit our dedicated football form guide.

Bundesliga Stats – Last Five Seasons
Historical Bundesliga stats for the popular betting tips markets including ‘Match Result’, ‘Both Teams To Score’, ‘Total Goals’ and more.

2019/20 Bundesliga Stats So Far..
How this season’s Bundesliga stats to date shape up against recent seasons.

Who Will Win the 2019/20 Bundesliga ?
Where we stand and remaining fixture analysis and projections for the teams chasing the title.

Let’s get started with the Bundesliga stats over the past five seasons for those popular match betting markets…

Bundesliga Stats – Last 5 Seasons
In this section we take a look at the Bundesliga stats over the past five seasons, in particular the popular betting markets like:

Both Teams To Score
Over/Under 2.5 Goals
These markets are extremely popular for betting purposes and predictions from OLBG’s knowledgeable football tipsters can be found on our German Bundesliga Betting Tips page.

The nature of these two way markets make for great multiple perm bets and when our expert football tipsters agree on the same outcome you may find the German Bundesliga ‘BTTS’ and ‘Over/Under 2.5 Goals’ tips will be selections in our daily accas.

Both Teams To Score:
OLBG’s football tipsters may develop a particular niche and produce regular consistent profits for specific football betting markets, the ‘Both Teams To Score’ is one area we focus on in the OLBG tipster competitions.

Take a look at the ‘BTTS’ Tipster Table which shows how the tipsters are performing this month and have performed over the past six and twelve months.

By clicking on the LSP (Level Stakes Profit), ROI (Return On Investment), Strike (Strike Rate) and PM (Profit Months) headers at the top of the columns you can sort the table to show the best performing tipsters in those categories over the past 6 or 12 months.

No doubt they will use current and previous seasonal figures as a guide to finding a betting edge and the Bundesliga is a prime example of producing a high percentage of matches finishing with both teams scoring.

Each Bundesliga season since 2015/16 saw at least 55% of the 306 matches finish with both teams scoring (59% in the 2018/19 season).
Now, 55% converted to odds is around 4/5 (or 1.8 decimal odds) so punters backing ‘Both Teams To Score’ in German Bundesliga matches over those past four seasons when the odds were greater than 4/5 or 1.8 were effectively getting ‘value’ odds as these odds were even better than the number of times this outcome was successful.

That’s a basic example and obviously there were no guarantees that every time ‘BTTS’ was backed at odds of greater than 4/5 that it would have been a successful bet but you can see that referring to the seasonal stats gives an idea of how often outcomes happened.

Also if we delve further to see which teams were involved in the most matches that ended with both teams scoring then that would enhance our success rate and hopefully eek out a little more profit.

The following table shows the top four Bundesliga teams who were involved in the most ‘BTTS’ matches in the 2018/19 season:

Both Teams To Score Goals Per Match

Hoffenheim 82% 3.59
W. Bremen 82% 3.15
B. Dortmund 68% 3.68
FC Augsburg 68% 3.59

So 59% of the 2018/19 Bundesliga matches finished with both teams scoring but if we focus on Hoffenheim and Werder Bremen matches then 82% finished with both teams scoring.
Converted to odds the 82% is 2/9 or 1.22 decimal, so not only are we talking about a very high strike rate but also the odds generally on offer for ‘BTTS’ would be better than 2/9 so following Hoffenheim and Bremen matches to not finish goalless in the 2018/19 season would have produced a steady success rate at the very least.

When forming the betting odds for ‘BTTS’, bookies will be aware of teams trends so they will factor this when offering odds but even so punters can use these sort of stats to help formulate a successful betting strategy.

Over/Under 2.5 Goals:
Is another popular betting market with a specific focus for many OLBG tipsters and again those performing well in this area can be found via the Football Goals Tipster Table.

Similar to the ‘BTTS’ market, the Over 2.5 goals outcome has landed in a high percentage of Bundesliga matches over the past five years, peaking at 62% in the 2018/19 season.
Expressed in odds terms, 62% is around 8/13 (1.61 decimal) so punters getting better than these odds when backing German Bundesliga matches to finish Over 2.5 Goals last season were hopefully on to a winner more often than not and over the season hopefully produced a steady profit.

By digging further into those 62% of matches finishing with over 2.5 Goals in the 2018/19 season we can see which Bundesliga teams contributed the most.

The following table shows the top five Bundesliga teams who finished with the highest percentage of their matches going over 2.5 goals in the 2018/19 season:

Over 2.5 Goals Goals Per Match

B. Dortmund 74% 3.68
FC Augsburg 74% 3.59
F. Dusseldorf 74% 3.35
Hoffenheim 71% 3.59
B. Munich 71% 3.53

So now for example, if we are taking the matches involving Borussia Dortmund, FC Augsburg or Fortuna Dusseldorf finishing with more than 2 goals then converted to odds the 74% comes out at 1.35 decimal so around 1/3 to 4/11 fractional.
The 62% (1.61) was very good but the 74% (1.35) is obviously even better when looking for a betting edge with regular returns over the Bundesliga season and the matches involving those top three teams in the above table would hopefully have produced nice steady profits when betting the Over 2.5 Goals market.

When comparing the teams making the Both Teams To Score and Over 2.5 Goals tables it’s no great surprise to see the same teams in both tables as both teams scoring obviously impacts the Over 2.5 goals.

Having said that it’s worth noting Werder Bremen’s stats for both markets as they appeared joint top at 82% in the ‘BTTS’ table but they didn’t make the top five in the Over 2.5 Goals table and in actual fact were only 13th of the 18 Bundesliga teams at 59%.

Probably no surprise then to see Werder Bremen’s most common correct score home and away in the 2018/19 Bundesliga season was 1-1, they had nine (five at home and four away).

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